Sales Process 2.0

The early 2000's sales process is still how ~90% of teams manage deals:

Qualify → Demo → Proposal → Negotiate → Close

We'll call it "Sales Process 1.0."

The issue here is the steps you take to sell a product, aren't the same steps your prospects take to buy it.

Which means 90% of companies have built their entire sales-led GTM around their sellers' activity — not internal buying activities.

For a 35-minute crash course combining every each stage, watch this.  For a one-post summary, read this.

Problem Identified
Problem Validated
Exec Sponsor Secured
Approach Confirmed
Vendor Confirmed
Timeline on Track
Paperwork Signed
Find and frame a high-cost and high-priority problem.
Multithreaded input from multiple buying roles.
An executive sponsors an internal “project.”
The committee agrees on an approach.
You’re confirmed the provider of choice.
A compelling event continues driving a specific go-live date.
Pricing and all commercial terms signed.
Exit Criteria
First contacts go deep in discovery, either confirming / correcting your point of view in writing.
3+ buyers edit your problem statement, confirming impact to an exec metric.
The main executive tasks their team with evaluating /
recommending a change.
The committee decides to buy something
(with requirements that align with you).
The committee stops evaluating others, everyone’s input is locked into the full scope.
Go-live date anchored to a desired outcome, with backdated tasks buyers are completing.
Dried ink accepting all terms of your deal.
How to Implement

There are 3 types of activities inside every deal

The typical team's sales process is built around activity 1 and 2. Only the rare sales team builds their sales process around the 3rd. We call this "Sales Process 2.0"

1. Sales Activity

Prepping for a demo with a SE.

2. Mutual Activity

The group demo with sellers & buyers.

3. Buying Activity

An internal debrief after, that champions lead.

Teams shift toward 2.0 when they realize the entire point of a sales process is this:

Influencing the buying process.

Fluint is a modern go-to-market

Create and sell with a committed champion to influence the buying process for every deal in your pipeline.

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Sellers beating quota with more calm, less chaos.

(PS, you probably don’t want to compete against the sellers using business cases, if you’re not.)

Shem E. | HappyCo
Senior AE

"After starting a new role, Fluint helped me land a $250K deal during my first 6 months on the job. Giving my champion a true business case made all the difference."

Cobi C. | Talexes
Strategic Account Director

“We landed a multiyear agreement thanks to a Fluint business case. The buying team literally skipped entire steps in the decision process after seeing our champion lay out the value for them.”

Matt R. | Arcos
Strategic AE

"The 1-Page Business Case is a game changer. I used it as a primer for an exec meeting, and co-drafted it with my champion. We got right into the exec’s concerns, then to the green light and next steps. Invaluable."

Rick S. | ScreenSteps
Head of Sales

"In the most complex deal I've closed we had to go through 8 very intense review boards with lots of uncertainty, but thank heavens I had Fluint to guide me. It's been seriously amazing."

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