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Stop losing deals when you're not in the room.

Generate compelling business cases and 1-page executive summaries, to help champions sell you internally.

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B2B buyers from top brands loved their sales experience.
"After starting a new role, Fluint helped me land a $250K deal during my first 6 months on the job. Giving my champion a true business case made all the difference."
“We just landed a multiyear agreement thanks to the business case I built in Fluint. The buying team literally skipped entire steps in the decision process after seeing our champion lay out the value for them.”
"The 1-Page Business Case is a game changer. I used it as a primer for an exec meeting, and co-drafted it with my champion. We got right into the exec’s concerns, then to the green light and next steps. Invaluable."

You probably think sales reps close deals...

...but the data’s in. Over 90% of B2B buying happens without sales reps in the room.

Which means your deals are won or lost when champions pitch your product to their own team — in their own words.

Equip your champions by converting their words into a written, executive-level business case + follow-up emails they can't wait to share.


Ditch the product deck

Skip the marketing speak and stack of product decks buyers won't send their boss. Generate a compelling business case they’ll actually use — in one click.

(Seriously though. One click, for content that’s actually good.)

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Built with generative ai

Write with your buyer’s words

Fluint’s AI is designed to understand and use the nuance of each buyer’s own words. So each piece of content sounds like your buyers wrote it up themselves.

Matching your message to how your champion wants to sell you internally.

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From DISCOVERY through upsell

A complete system to sell complex deals

Use proven frameworks for executive summaries, mutual action plans, mid-funnel emails and more. Every piece of content you’ll need to build to help champions sell.

Fluint turns messy notes and multiple call transcripts into a single narrative. With zero “token limits."

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build committed champions

Collaborate & co-create, every step of the way

Your champions take a stake in the things they help create. So build a sense of ownership and test for truly committed champions by co-creating content together.

Fold their feedback into your drafts and trade comments inside a shared workspace.

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Coming Soon

Win in writing with guided suggestions

(Coming Soon) Your writing can be in the room when you can’t be. Craft a compelling narrative to shape the internal buying conversations happening about you, without you.

Fluint’s writing coach gives you data-backed suggestions to dial your messaging up to 10/10.

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See Fluint

Sell with committed champions, and co-create a written message they'll use to sell when you're not in the room.

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