A sales process built to influence the 90% of sales activity you’re missing

Your champions have to sell, too. During all their internal conversations happening about you, without you. Enable them to get deals done.

Sellers have closed $50M+ in revenue on Fluint with brands like:


Write with each champion’s voice, in 1 click

Generate a concise, exec-level business case that reads like your champion wrote it, using their voice from sales calls. Get a draft in less than 30 seconds.


Selling with a guided, collaborative process

Build a sense of ownership in your deals and test for commitment by co-creating content inside a shared workspace, with guided suggestions.


Value-based content for every buying role

Discovery with executives? Demo with daily users? Technical review with IT? Negotiation with procurement? Generate the right piece of content with a point of view for everyone on the buying team.

Samantha P.

Global Strategic Account Executive

"Fluint’s a game changer. Before, I thought *I* had to get a deal done. Now, it’s all about my buyers, and their strategic initiatives. Which is what Fluint lets me do: enable my champions, by making it easy for them to sell what matters to them and impacts their role.

Kishan P.

Sr. Director Strategic Accounts

"The beauty of Fluint is the ability to create spaces for collaboration with prospects and customers. I’ve leveraged Fluint to manage two 8-figure pursuits, creating 1 pagers to bring teams together, foster new relationships and new perspectives as we actively work to drive change."

Shem E.

Senior AE

"After starting a new role, Fluint helped me land a $250K deal during my first 6 months on the job. Giving my champion a true business case made all the difference."

Win in writing

From discovery through upsell, document and automate the entire customer’s journey to bring your sales process to life. While shaping internal buying conversations with content that can be “in the room,” even when you can’t be.

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Template decks

Marketing speak selling to “personas”

30+ slides executives never bother to read

Sales conversations are the center of the deal


Tailored Content

Account-based content written for each person

Concise 1-pagers that grab executive attention

Content built to guide internal buying conversations

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