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Deals managed in Fluint

Loved by top performers from 300+ companies selling complex deals with their buyers.

"After starting a new role, Fluint helped me land a $250K deal during my first 6 months on the job. Giving my champion a true business case made all the difference."

Shem E.

Senior AE | HappyCo

"Just closed the largest 7 figure ARR deal of my career using the one page business case framework.

Now getting more call transcripts into the tool so I can do more of that 1-click goodness.

Nathan Leary

Sr. Enterprise Team Lead | Honeycomb.ai

"In the most complex deal I've closed we had to go through 8 very intense review boards with lots of uncertainty, but thank heavens I had Fluint to guide me. It's been seriously amazing."

Rick S.

Head of Sales | ScreenSteps

“Fluint helped me triple the size of a deal we just closed last month, the biggest of my year. We expected it to take 12 - 15 months to close it. Did a 7+ figure deal in 9 months.”

Julien B.

Head of Global Business Development

"The beauty of Fluint is the ability to create spaces for collaboration with prospects and customers. I’ve leveraged Fluint to manage two 8-figure pursuits, creating 1 pagers to bring teams together, foster new relationships and new perspectives as we actively work to drive change."

Kishan P.

Sr. Director Strategic Accounts

“We just landed a multiyear agreement thanks to the business case I built in Fluint. The buying team literally skipped entire steps in the decision process after seeing our champion lay out the value for them.”

Cobi C.

Strategic Account Director | Talexes

"The Fluint network is absolute gold. Lots of  sellers with a buyer-first mindset actively engaged with the community. Everyone is bought-in and trying to improve which turns the entire community into an engine to help you sell more."

David E.

Account Executive | Ventrata

"The 1-Page Business Case is a game changer. I used it as a primer for an exec meeting, and co-drafted it with my champion. We got right into the exec’s concerns, then to the green light and next steps. Invaluable."

Matt R.

Strategic AE | Arcos

We sold our biggest consulting contract, in two weeks, leveraging a Fluint 1-page biz case! ($12k a month, 6 month project)

Andrew K.

Principal | Benchmark Signal Consulting

“One hidden benefit I really appreciate is that Fluint helps me communicate more effectively with my own executives. As someone who uses 7 words when 3 will do… being able to generate a concise exec summary with 1 click of a button has been a game-changer when bringing my team up to speed on my deals. It’s saved me hours upon hours, and taken all the dread out of writing.”

Hailey B.

Enterprise & Large Account Executive | Nevvon

“Before Fluint, I was the king of procrastination—always finding excuses not to start. Now, I’ve got this secret weapon (Fluint) that kicks those excuses to the curb, and connects me with amazing people (Fluint community) who get it. It’s a game-changer.”

Greg C.

Sr. Enterprise Account Executive

"Fluint’s a game changer. Before, I thought *I* had to get a deal done. Now, it’s all about my buyers, and their strategic initiatives. Which is what Fluint lets me do: enable my champions, by making it easy for them to sell what matters to them and impacts their role.

It’s a serious rush of endorphins whenever I’m in Fluint and it creates something my prospects value instead of sending content that says, “Let me tell you how great we are.”"

Samantha P.

Global Strategic Account Executive | Persefoni