How to Write in Sales

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The more you write, the more you’ll sell.

Writing packages your message so champions can deliver it. During internal buying conversations, when decisions are being made. And you’re not in the room.

This is all that matters.

Here are 10 steps for writing well:

(1)    Write how your buyers talk. Use their words.

(2)    Start with a good framework. Then add in your buyer’s words. See #1.

(3)    Narrative structures are a better internal script for champions. Slides are awkward.

(4)    Shrink your writing to 1 page. If you can’t, you don’t yet know what you want to say.

(5)    Noise is the enemy.

(6)    Template emails and product decks are noise. Champions don’t use them. See #5.

(7)    Cut out your branding. A trustworthy format is the customer’s font on a white page.

(8)    Ghostwrite. Make champions your authors, and list their names on your docs.

(9)    Your ROI is a maybe. Their problem’s cost is a fact. Always start with the facts.

(10)  Write headlines customers will copy & paste into a board deck or press release.


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