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18 Sales Lessons from Mark Zuckerberg's Leaked 4,262 Word Email

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3 Min Read

This 4,262 word email leaked from Mark Zuckerberg.

And it shares almost everything you need to know about selling to executives, and what kind of messaging resonates.

I broke down 18 tips inside this 20-minute video you can check out.

Check out the detailed version here:

Or, if you’d rather read the TL;DR instead:

  1. Internal buying conversations are where deals actually get done.
  2. Message the “Kairos” moment: vanishing windows of opportunity.
  3. How you frame an issue early is how you win a deal later.
  4. These are the 4 universal decision criteria:
    • Impact (gain captured, loss avoided)
    • Effort (what’s invested to create impact)
    • Risk (how likely the effort is to create impact)
    • Complexity (multiplies risk and effort)
  5. Execs consider outcomes in terms of “time horizons.” You should too.
  6. Multithreading 2+ business units won’t happen without exec support.
  7. Always find and frame your deal around all-consuming priorities.
  8. Discover and repeat an exec’s internal “catchphrase” over, and over.
  9. Small anecdotes get big deals done. They’re sticky & shareable.
  10. People remember narratives and often forget/ignore ROI.
  11. Related: execs make big bets on instinct, then backfill with data.
  12. Lead with the TL;DR, then share detailed support afterward.
  13. Address common objections upfront. Add a supporting FAQ doc.
  14. Competitive positioning is a BIG deal to execs.
  15. There are lots of paths to 1 outcome. Align on the approach.
  16. Budget is rarely an actual issue when tapped into a priority.
  17. What you’re looking for is sponsorship + internal referrals.
  18. Repetition is persuasive.

Grab the full email + extra resources, here.


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