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Every subscription comes with our Revenue Guarantee. Use Fluint every month for 12 months and you'll earn back your costs through closed deals—or we repay 2X your costs. (Seriously.)

Fluint for Individuals
Help yourself (and your champions) sell more.
Unlimited Deal Workspaces
Unlimited Access for Champions
Unlimited AI Content Credits
Live Team Workshops and Deal Coaching
Integrations & Custom Business Case Framework Setup
Fluint for Teams
Share winning frameworks with your team.
Unlimited Deal Workspaces
Unlimited Access for Champions
Unlimited AI Content Credits
Live Team Workshops and Deal Coaching
Integrations & Custom Business Case Framework Setup
Fluint for Individuals
Help yourself (and your champions) sell more.
Unlimited Deal Workspaces
Unlimited Access for Champions
Unlimited AI Content Credits
Live Team Workshops and Deal Coaching
Integrations & Custom Business Case Framework Setup
Fluint for Teams
Share winning frameworks with your team.
Unlimited Deal Workspaces
Unlimited Access for Champions
Unlimited AI Content Credits
Live Team Workshops and Deal Coaching
Integrations & Custom Business Case Framework Setup

Just you, or the team too?

Get started on your own, or bring your whole team. We're ready for you, either way.

For Individuals
*Commission Guarantee Included
For Teams
*Commission Guarantee Included
Content Creation & Champion Collaboration
Auto-generate content written with your buyer's own words
Generate business cases, exec summaries, MAPs, emails & more
Call transcription in Zoom, Teams, Google, WebEx & more
Async collaboration with notifications & comment by email
Custom business case frameworks handcrafted for you
From Discovery through Onboarding
Workspaces for every deal & champion in your pipeline
Access for every champion & buying team member
Access for internal deal team & sales leadership
Custom media and template library
CRM, Gong & Other Integrations

Why building business cases will be worth it for you

Use the calculator below to see how much additional revenue you will win by selling with a business case in every deal.

What percent of deals do you already create a business case for? Sample business case
A business case contains a sharp problem statement, recommended approach, outcomes, and investment.


What did your last year look like?

The total number of deals in your pipeline over a 12-month period.


Average Deal
Value (Annual)
Your total pipeline divided by number of opportunities.


Close Rate
The number of deals you closed divided by the number of total opportunities.
Additional Closed-Won revenue selling with Fluint this year:


How did we get this number?

Opportunities in pipeline:

No change

Average deal value change:


Close rate change:

Lose 1/2 as many deals

Case study: How This (Former) SMB Rep Closed a Deal so Big, They Wrote a Press Release

Last month, Rick Sabóia landed a deal so large, his customer and company issued a press release. It’s the kind of deal enterprise sellers can spend a career working for.

Here’s how it all happened. And exactly how you can do the same selling with a business case.

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Got questions? We got you.

Dig into answers here, or book a time to chat 1:1 below.

I'm an AE. Can I sign up on my own, without my team?

Yep, you can go ahead and get started with your own account.

There's no admin-level setup required (you can copy and paste in call transcripts without any integrations, or use a Fluint notetaker).

Plus, your commission from a single closed deal will more than pay for your whole year’s subscription.

How much time do I need to spend to get started?

You can build your first business case in 5 minutes. Here’s the process:

1. Create a workspace for your first deal. Upload notes and/or call transcripts.

2. Pick a framework from the Fluint library. Then click “generate.”

3. Fluint writes your first draft in 30 seconds, using your buyer’s own words.

4. We’ll analyze any discovery gaps and make suggestions.

5. Share your workspace with your champions for feedback & build together.

There you go.

What if Fluint doesn't actually help our sellers?

We pay back 2X what you spent on any seller's license who used, but didn't directly close a deal in Fluint. It's our Revenue Guarantee.

(And yeah, we’re serious.)

What about pre-built template decks? Can’t we use those instead?

You can save templated content inside Fluint, for sure.

But you'll also want to go beyond templates, to creating new content with champions, specific to their account.

That’s the IKEA effect at work. And it makes sure your champions actually want to use your content to sell internally (where it matters most).

How does this compare to our value engineering process?

Fluint scales up a “lightweight” version of your process, to every single deal in the pipeline. While Value Engineers focus on a smaller number of high-priority deals.

(1) Sellers start the business case process in Stage 1 vs. waiting until later.

(2) Fluint also focuses on the strategic narrative, to complement the numbers.

If a Value Engineer starts an in-depth value model later in the deal, they’ll already have an executive audience, plus all the "inputs" pre-structured.

We're trying to consolidate our tech, why add another one in?

Consolidation is good. But only if your tech stack already closed the single, biggest gap in every sales process:

Guiding the internal buying conversations sales reps aren’t part of.  

Which is where 90% of B2B buying happens. Yet, most tech stacks only focus on sales reps in sales meetings.

Which means even after consolidating tech spend, you’d focus all that reduced spend on just a fraction of where deals are won or lost.

We use a Conversation Intelligence tool. Will this conflict?

No, if you use Gong, Chorus, or another tool, you’ll keep it in place. These tools coach your pitch during sales conversations.

Fluint creates content to guide your buyer’s internal meetings. They’re different use cases.

We just use the call transcript from these systems as a data source

Okay... but can't we just do this with ChatGPT?

Most teams do start here. Then they realize ChatGPT and CoPilot aren’t ideal.

The biggest reason is sellers don't stick with it. All the copying over inputs for each deal, hitting data limits, then getting output that's not sales-specific and ready to use is frustrating.

Which means there's no consistent execution inside deals.

For example: What percent of your sellers have used ChatGPT before? Likely a lot of them.

What percent of your deals have a business case? Likely very little of them.

We're rolling out sales frameworks & doing training. Does this conflict?

Nope, Fluint is framework "agnostic."

You can load any methodology into Fluint (MEDDICC, SPICED, take your pick) to help reps execute on it consistently, across all deals.

Which also creates "evidence" of whether they’re using it, or not.

The process Fluint enables is also higher-level than a particular framework — it's a way of selling with the buyer at each step, to help them sell internally.

Can we start with just a couple reps in a small pilot?

Fluint isn't a quick "workflow hack." It's about shifting the way sellers go to market, where the sales process is building the business case.

Every step of the way: from discovery, to running demos, etc.

It takes focus for each rep to make this shift. So when they know their leadership is fully committed, and their peers around the company are doing the same, it drives outcomes.

So you’re welcome to do a pilot.

But we see faster adoption from cohorts of reps without pilots first, because there’s strong commitment.

Still unsure if Fluint's the right fit for you?

Book a time to chat. We'll generate a business case together, and after, you can decide if Fluint's right.

Sellers beating quota with more calm, less chaos.

(PS, you probably don’t want to compete against the sellers using business cases, if you’re not.)

Shem E. | HappyCo
Senior AE

"After starting a new role, Fluint helped me land a $250K deal during my first 6 months on the job. Giving my champion a true business case made all the difference."

Cobi C. | Talexes
Strategic Account Director

“We landed a multiyear agreement thanks to a Fluint business case. The buying team literally skipped entire steps in the decision process after seeing our champion lay out the value for them.”

Matt R. | Arcos
Strategic AE

"The 1-Page Business Case is a game changer. I used it as a primer for an exec meeting, and co-drafted it with my champion. We got right into the exec’s concerns, then to the green light and next steps. Invaluable."

Rick S. | ScreenSteps
Head of Sales

"In the most complex deal I've closed we had to go through 8 very intense review boards with lots of uncertainty, but thank heavens I had Fluint to guide me. It's been seriously amazing."

Fluint’s Wall of Love

Read more success stories from users who would never go back to selling without a business case.

Stop losing deals when you’re not in the room.

Build business cases that enable your champions to sell during the internal buying conversations happening about you, without you.

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