Content that sounds like your champion — not your marketing team, or ChatGPT

No offense, your marketing team’s probably great. But it’s time to ditch the same 30-slide “about us” deck nobody’s reading or sharing.

Sellers have closed $50M+ in revenue on Fluint with brands like:


Write with your buyers words, in 1 click

Turn hours of sales calls and research into a concise business case draft people will actually want to read and share, in less than 30 seconds.


Document & automate every stage in your process

Document the entire customer’s journey for your internal team: demo briefs for SE’s, handoff docs for CSM’s, upsell and QBR frameworks for AM’s, plus deal notes for revenue leadership.


Close the execution gap with value-based content

Make all that enablement training stick using build-your-own frameworks that help reps apply value-selling principles. 

Cobi C.

Strategic Account Director

“We just landed a multiyear agreement thanks to the business case I built in Fluint. The buying team literally skipped entire steps in the decision process after seeing our champion lay out the value for them.”

Hailey B.

Enterprise & Large Account Executive

“One hidden benefit I really appreciate is that Fluint helps me communicate more effectively with my own executives. As someone who uses 7 words when 3 will do… being able to generate a concise exec summary with 1 click of a button has been a game-changer when bringing my team up to speed on my deals. It’s saved me hours upon hours, and taken all the dread out of writing.”

Rick S.

Head of Sales

"In the most complex deal I've closed we had to go through 8 very intense review boards with lots of uncertainty, but thank heavens I had Fluint to guide me. It's been seriously amazing."

Win in writing

From discovery through upsell, document and automate the entire customer’s journey to bring your sales process to life. While shaping internal buying conversations with content that can be “in the room,” even when you can’t be.

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Template decks

Marketing speak selling to “personas”

30+ slides executives never bother to read

Sales conversations are the center of the deal


Tailored Content

Account-based content written for each person

Concise 1-pagers that grab executive attention

Content built to guide internal buying conversations

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