Find and fill discovery gaps with guided suggestions

Find out just how deep or shallow your discovery is, with written business cases that identify gaps & compare your message to closed-won data.

Sellers have closed $50M+ in revenue on Fluint with brands like:


Highlight deal gaps and risks early

No numbers in a problem statement? No dates in a go-live plan? Fluint compares your deal to “what good looks like,” based on closed-won data. Leaving placeholders to help develop your draft, and strengthen your deal. 


Craft thoughtful discovery questions

Generate a set of suggested discovery questions for your next conversation, tailored to your deal based on the complete history of each account: call transcripts, notes, account research, and email threads.


Multithread while filling in the blanks, together

Build out your business case with async comments, shared workspaces, and Fluint’s AI to add in metrics, numbers, and feedback from the full buying team.

Cobi C.

Strategic Account Director

“We just landed a multiyear agreement thanks to the business case I built in Fluint. The buying team literally skipped entire steps in the decision process after seeing our champion lay out the value for them.”

Kishan P.

Sr. Director Strategic Accounts

"The beauty of Fluint is the ability to create spaces for collaboration with prospects and customers. I’ve leveraged Fluint to manage two 8-figure pursuits, creating 1 pagers to bring teams together, foster new relationships and new perspectives as we actively work to drive change."

Matt R.

Strategic AE

"The 1-Page Business Case is a game changer. I used it as a primer for an exec meeting, and co-drafted it with my champion. We got right into the exec’s concerns, then to the green light and next steps. Invaluable."

Win in writing

Don’t just keep your discovery notes hiding inside your CRM. Turn them into a compelling, written business case your buyers will use to sell internally. (We’ll help with both use cases, by the way.)

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Checklist-based process

Answers kept inside the CRM

Shallow “product” questions



Guided by closed-won data

Answer turned into a buying asset

Thoughtful, value-based questions

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