#1 Business case platform

Content built from your buyer's words — not marketing speak.

Your writing can be in the room when you can’t be. Craft compelling business cases, 1-pagers, exec summaries, emails and more to shape the internal buying conversations happening about you — without you.

Fluint complements all your favorite tools

High-growth sales leaders enable their reps with content and coaching. Now, enable your champions with content they won’t delete, to guide their internal conversations.

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Not sure if Fluint's a fit for you? Read on, or book time to chat 1:1 below.

I'm an AE. Can I sign up on my own, or does my team need a subscription?

Yep, you can go ahead and get started with your own account. You'll be able to generate content without any admin-level setup, and typically, your commission from one closed-won deal more than pays for your whole year’s subscription.

Are there a bunch of integrations or technical settings I need to mess with to get started?

Nope. Just click “Accept” when you're asked for permission to access your calendar, to send notetakers to your conversations, or pull in content from your Zoom Cloud.

All access is read-only and doesn't require admin privileges.

But if you're still not sure about that, just copy/paste call transcripts, email threads, or anything else you want Fluint to use.

How much setup time is this going to require?

You can start generating content inside Fluint during your onboarding session. Here’s the process:

1. Start a new workspace, pick a framework, and a conversation to start generating content using your buyer’s own words.

2. Edit anything you'd like. Add designs from your media library too.

3. Share your workspace with your champions. Review, share comments, and get notified of new activities.

It's a 1, 2, 3-step operating system to land larger deals.

We already use a call recording tool. Does Fluint conflict with that?

Nope, in fact, Fluint integrates with Gong and other Conversational Intelligence tools. So you’ll keep those in place.

Those platform focus on coaching your pitch during sales conversations. Fluint is focused on the content guiding your champion's internal meetings. They’re two different use cases.

We already have a system for sales content. Can I still use Fluint?

Yes, you can. Fluint isn’t meant to store template enablement content like case studies, product decks, and other marketing-created materials.

Instead, you can link out to materials in Seismic, Highspot, or any other enablement system from a workspace, if your buyers want to click into a deeper-dive beyond the executive narrative and business case you’ve built out with them.

What are buyers saying about using Fluint in the buying process?

More than 290 different B2B buyers helped design Fluint. They asked for less "biased" and more personalized summaries, to help get their team bought in on the problem and what to do about it.

(They’re also tired of sharing whitepapers and product decks...)

They also asked for a way to help co-author the content with ‘async’ feedback, so it actually sounds like something they'd want to say.

Most of our sales are fast, one-call closes. Is this still for me?

Most likely not. Fluint is best for deals where sales reps need to develop champions, and coordinate feedback from multiple different buyers. That's always the case in enterprise, often in mid-market, and sometimes in SMB.

What languages does Fluint support?

We currently write content in English, but Fluint understands inputs in 29 different languages. We have users in North America, Latin and South America, EMEA, and APAC, and our support team is based in the USA.

Got more questions?

Let’s dig in. Grab a time that works best, and we’ll talk through them together.

Don't leave large deals to chance.

Champions who can communicate your value when you're not around, equipped with content written in their team's own, internal language.

That’s selling Fluintly. Anything less is just leaving large deals to chance.