Selling With: The Art of Shaping Internal Buying Conversations

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I made something for you.

For ~45 Saturday mornings in a row, I sat on my couch with a cup of French press and a plate full of waffles. Between sips and bites, I wrote down all I know about selling.

More specifically: the idea of selling "with" buyers, not to them.

It’s what I spend all day, every day, thinking about and experimenting with.

The outcome of all that caffeine, maple syrup, and my last decade+ of selling is this:

Every line inside this book will help you create and sell with champions.

So you can shape the internal buying conversations happening about you — without you.

Which is where deals are actually won and lost.

It's a way to sell that makes complex deals a bit easier. And more importantly, more fun.

It’s available November 8th, and you can (pre)order it here.

I thought about doing a promo where you get free waffles with every pre-order. But logistically, it’s a little too hard to pull off.

But here’s what you will get out of it:

A wildly practical guide to landing the largest deals of your career. While having a whole lot of fun doing it.

Including detailed breakdowns on every practice I've figured out the hard way. The practices most every sales training just isn’t talking about.

>> Snag your copy here.

And if you'd like, download a preview here first.


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