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Podcast Episode: Champions Articulate Your Value - The Sales Enablement Podcast

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Nate Nasralla is the Founder at Especially in the realm of online selling, having champions who can articulate your value in their own, internal language can make or break a deal. In this episode, Nate also categorizes a champion differently from influencers and coaches and breaks down how influence, incentive, and information are necessary components of a champion.

He explains how to use "languaging" to mirror back your buyer’s words and increase the chances of a favorable outcome.


  • Fluint: Find champions who articulate your value
  • Use the buyer's language to align your product to their needs
  • A champion's profile: Influence, incentive, and information
  • Languaging mirrors your buyer’s words for maximum effectiveness
  • Sales enablement with the Enterprise Sales Playbook


"Sales reps don't close deals. Buyers do. You can get a deal done without a sales rep. You cannot, ever, get a deal done without a buyer in place."
"When I think about the profile of a champion, one, there's influence. They're able to help develop or shape the opinions of others. There's also incentive. There's something in it for them. There's a personal connection to that deal. And then, information. They actually can help you navigate through the sales cycle."
"If I have a request and I want it to be approved, I'm going to make sure to use the same types of language that my exec or my VP is saying in our team calls and our team updates — how we're talking about our OKR's or whatever the goals are — to increase the probability that they respond favorably."


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