Messaging Frameworks B2B Sales Champions Love

Craft a message your prospects are proud to champion with you using these ready-to-build frameworks.

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Messaging Frameworks B2B Sales Champions Love

These frameworks are the result of interviewing more than 290 buyers over the last six months.

The internal messaging these buyers crafted to get their team on board with a new product always boiled down to one of these four structures. Basically, they gave us the cheat code to ‘multithreading,’ what every sales rep needs to close their next deal.

Why is that? Because most all of the make-or-break moments in B2B deals happen without sellers in the room. According to Gartner, the amount of time that sales reps spend with prospects is just 5% of the buying process.

Which means deals are won or lost during a buyer’s internal conversations — where champions pitch their favorite product to their own team, in their words.

If you’re working with an experienced champion, who knows how to frame the problem and tell a compelling story, it’s easier to get their decision maker into a meeting. If their message falls flat, game over. The same goes for how your champion handles objections and answers questions when you’re not around.

That’s the goal of these frameworks. To help you easily build a recap your champion can’t wait to share. To help you gain more control over your message. And, to help you start selling with your buyers

B2B buyers from top brands love the sales experience.

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